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IP Portfolio | Patent Ideation | Leapfrog Scheme  |  Registration Strategies

We provide cost-effective, strategic solutions tailored to your technological management needs. By analyzing your company’s technologies and ideas, we develop IP strategies that align with your corporate objectives. We offer a comprehensive IP portfolio, including future management strategies, domestic and international patent and trademark registration, proactive approaches to potential technology disputes, and related patent applications.

Patent Analysis | Technological Value Assessment

We also provide reliable analytic outcomes based on comprehensive studies. Our services include patent invalidation studies, Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis, determination of patent right scope, technological value assessments, and trademark registration strategies related to naming, both domestically and internationally.

IP Registration

Patent │ Utility Model │ Industrial Design │ Trademark │ Copyright

We manage the entire application process, including precise preliminary reviews, responses based on extensive experience, and perfect case resolution. Our primary mission is to help secure intellectual property rights with optimal efficiency. We consult in advance to determine the best registration methods that align with the status and vision of related industries and companies.

With extensive experience and expertise in domestic and international IP registration, we will be your trusted partner, leveraging our deep understanding and practical knowledge of the systems and laws in each country.

China │ USA │ Europe │ Southeast Asia 

We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two local patent offices in China to offer close-contact services at reasonable prices.

Partners of Overall Work in relation to the Chinese Intellectual Property Rights :  FANG & ASSOCIATES

Trademark Dispute Partner 惠州市韵晓知识产权代理有限公司 

We have reliable business partner offices with over 10 years of experience especially in the US, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We frequently collaborate with these offices to maintain cost efficiency and quality standards in each country.

We present and implement the most appropriate methods by considering all relevant factors, including the system, assessment criteria of each country, cost, time, and success rates.

Our Hand-Picked foreign agency network 


International Registration

With extensive experience in international registration, we will proactively utilize the international registration system to minimize unnecessary costs for your company and resolve cases efficiently, saving both time and money.

IP Dispute

Opposition │ Appeal│Trial │ Appraisal

If there are defects in application and registration, such as unauthorized application, imitation, or fraud, various measures can be taken to prevent these issues.

We will strive to achieve the best outcomes by presenting the most appropriate strategies and success factors based on our extensive experience. We will also establish reasonable cost structures and careful management systems.

Negotiation │ Mediation │ Arbitration

We have extensive experience in resolving disputes through the transfer of rights and are proficient in addressing IP matters through arbitration and mediation.

Infringement consulting │litigation

With our exclusive lawyers, we file requests for prohibition of use, preliminary injunctions, criminal charges, and claims for damages related to patents, designs, and trademarks.

Related Services

Company certification │ Technology commercialization │ Value evaluation │ Brand Naming │ Branding team

We provide a one-stop solution to our partners through a wide range of related services, including company certification, technology valuation, brand naming, and brand design. This is achieved in collaboration with carefully selected external experts who have proven their competency.

We have been working for years with some of the best brand naming companies in the nation.

Our representative partner, Ms. Park, serves on the branding power team as a trademark lawyer.

Major experienced industries

Cosmetics │ Health Functional Foods │ Medical Devices │ Beauty Products │ Construction │Electric devices │ Infant Items │ Platform (BM) │ Software │ Food │ Household Goods │ Logistics │ Design Stationery │ Non-Profit Corporation │ Furniture │ Pet Supplies │ Fashion │ Teachware │ appliances │ IoT, etc.

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