Together, we create core assets
for the future of the company.

Intellectual property rights, a core asset of the company's future. SARANGIP is with you.


Patent Strategy Partner Sharing Corporate FutureValues



Although the patent legal services are the highly specialized services, it is provided by human beings as well. We promise that we will work and practice with ‘love,’ love as an attorney. 

Above all, we’ll put sincerity, truth and careness as our top priority as we are a company’s partner. Just as true professionals do, we will seek to be sincerity itself. 


We are all the highly-skilled and experienced professionals more than 10 years. More importantly, despite of our high skills and experiences, we receive constant education and training to enhance our work competency, without cease because we are professionals. We believe only professionals in pursuit of education and training can work with company, continuously. 

Based on skilled experiences, we provide you with honest, realistic, rational, optimal and premium solutions, through precise case management, rapid and accurate work handling and responses, and more importantly, perfect case resolution.  

We promise that we will be professionals who you can proudly introduce to your precious ones. 


We pay attention to industry as well as laws, respond to the market and industrial trends promptly, since we cannot engage in the company without understanding industry. 

With one foot for the reality, and another foot for the future, we will lead the industry just half a step ahead. By doing so, we’ll grow to become true professionals that a company can depend on.

Creating the future value of a growing company together,